What is movietag?

Movietag lets you find and organise movies, for free.

Is movietag really free?

Yep, movietag is completely free. There are no plans to add pricing, but if this ever changes in the future you'll be notified by email and given the option to export all of your tags (if you want to).

I have a suggestion / idea / don't like something about movietag, what should I do?

Let me know! The plan is to keep improving and developing movietag so if you do have any feedback send me an email at hello@movietag.io or tweet me @movietagapp

Some movie information is incorrect or missing, can it be updated?

All movie data is cached via the TMDb API. If you think a movie needs updating or you can't find a specific movie visit TMDb and make the change there. It will then filter through to movietag along with many other sites and also helps the TMDb community!

How does movietag work?

Movietag uses the TMDb API for all movie data, including backdrops and posters. If you have any questions email me at hello@movietag.io

I've still got questions, how can I contact you?

Send me an email at hello@movietag.io or tweet me @movietagapp